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Sorry the blog’s been a bit quiet lately, but for now I’ve been having a very relaxed Sunday, and so I’ve kicked back and drawn some classic Who.
Sarah Jane’s getting real tired of your nonsense Doctor.
Coloured page 1 to see what it’d look like.
Tardis- why so many light sources?

Remember months ago and I started a little 12/Clara comic for fun? Well I decided to tweek parts for use in my portfolio….which led to me doing a total re-draw. So these are the pages I took to London Super Comic Con.


Scotty comments on the progress of my life goals

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Just bought my ticket for London Super Comic Con! Whose excited? Me- me is who is excited.

Good mornin!

There is literally nothing I don’t like about this picture.


There is literally nothing I don’t like about this picture.

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Tried out the Fiona Staples colouring style again. Euuuuurgh- so much fun.
For my Sherlockians
Doodling and reading during lunchtime today.
Today’s warm-up sketch. I haven’t drawn Phoenix for aaages.

nateobite asked: I think your art is crazy good

Sorry for taking so long to reply to this- but thank you!

The costume design in that show was crazy good.
This morning I drew a Richard Feynman. I had initially planned to draw him how he’s remembered by most people- middle aged with grey hair. But then I found these great pictures from when he was a bit younger, and I fancied doodling those instead. 

'I don't like honors. … I've already got the prize: the prize is the pleasure of finding the thing out, the kick in the discovery, the observation that other people use it. Those are the real things.'
For the guys that wanted to see a Sherlock! This was fun to draw.